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Cold Zinc Galvanizing Paint Philippines

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Cold Zinc Galvanizing Paint

Cold Zinc Galvanizing Paint Philippines  A fast drying anti-corrosive primer containing zinc dust and aluminium.


Suitable for use on non-ferrous metals and has been developed for touching up the edges of cut galvanized sheet metal.

Suitable for direct application as supplied by brush or spray. Can be diluted with acetone for use as an aerosol intermediate.


An acrylic resin with zinc and aluminium; Zinc Content 95%


Cold Zinc Galvanizing Paint Philippines Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust, grease, millscale, etc. Mix well before and during use. Apply by brush or spray.

For further information contact our Technical Service Department.

We Supply Industrial cleaning chemicals and lubricants   for  Business industries in the Philippines such as Manufacturing Companies, Construction Companies , Hotels, Resort, Building and Mall Establishments, Semicons, Shipping, Industrial Services Contractors, and Industrial Companies.

We offer high quality cleaning, degreasing and protecting solutions that remove and reduce the toughest soil such as scale deposit, rust, carbon, acid rain, heavy crude and resin.


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