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Aircon Coil Cleaner Philippines

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Aircon Coil Cleaner

Aircon Coil Cleaner is a fast-acting condenser fins and chiller coil cleaner. It has no side effects associated with corrosive preparations like powdering of aluminum metals.


Aircon Coil Cleaner is especially useful for cleaning air conditioner coils. It is ideal for air conditioners in cars, hotels, supermarkets, industrial plants, hospitals, service companies, condominiums, theaters, service shops, apartments, office and shipping lines.


  • Aircon Coil Cleaner works fast, dissolves dirt and grime in 4 to 6 minutes. Cleans and brightens coil instantly without scrubbing.
  • AAircon Coil Cleaner saves energy, less cost on electric bills. It reduces operating cost by removing impurities, which coat and clog the fins, thus restoring maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Aircon Coil Cleaner leaves a glossy protective coating on the aluminum surface. It lengthens cleaning interval, thus reducing maintenance cost.


Aircon Coil Cleaner can be diluted with 1 to 3 parts water in a plastic container. Using plastic sprayer, apply  Aircon Coil Cleaner from top to bottom of coils. Allow 4 – 10 minutes for the product to penetrate the surface dirt. Then, FLUSH THE ENTIRE UNIT THOROUGHLY WITH WATER AND ALLOW TO DRY. Application may be repeated if necessary. Water rinsing should always follow application of  Aluminum Coil Cleaner. This product should not be used in areas where rinsing water is not available.


Seller warrants that the product conforms to its chemical description and is reasonably fit for the purpose stated on the product literature when used in accordance with the direction under normal conditions of use. However, as a manufacturer is unable to control its subsequent handling or use, this product is sold on the express condition that neither the manufacturer nor the distributor is under any liability for any loss or damage that may arise through such handling or use.

We Supply Industrial cleaning chemicals and lubricants   for  Business industries in the Philippines such as Manufacturing Companies, Construction Companies , Hotels, Resort, Building and Mall Establishments, Semicons, Shipping, Industrial Services Contractors, and Industrial Companies.

We offer high quality cleaning, degreasing and protecting solutions that remove and reduce the toughest soil such as scale deposit, rust, carbon, acid rain, heavy crude and resin.


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