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Water Soluble Degreaser Philippines

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Water Soluble Degreaser Philippines

Water Soluble Degreaser Philippines is a super cleaner ideal for use on all types of industrial machines, tools, any meat machine, marine, and automotive.Water Soluble Degreaser is a concentrated degreaser specifically designed to remove oil, grease, wax, dirt, moisture, tar, and other contaminants instantly and without wiping. It leaves a residual rust inhibiting film thus protecting metal surfaces from future corrosion.

water-soluble-degreaser-philippinesWater soluble degreaser Biodegradable, non-flammable solution use for Cleaning on walls, floors and vinyl, floor polish stripping, engine and engine bay cleaning, pressure washing machines and exceptional cleaner/ degreaser for removing grease, grime and dirt from concrete floors and machinery equipment.

We offer high quality cleaning, degreasing and protecting solutions that remove and reduce the toughest soil such as scale deposit, rust, carbon, acid rain, heavy crude and resin.

Next Lubricant has wide and varied products like Water Soluble Degreaser that are categorized on surface cleaner, mechanical cleaner and electrical cleaner. All of these products have been formulated for industrial cleaning that best matches with different machinery and equipment for your company.
Water Soluble Degreaser is an efficient cleaning and degreasing agent for automotive, aircraft, marine engines, mechanical equipments, instruments, tools and machineries.

1. When used as concentrate, use brush or other means to apply.
2. When utilized as diluted solution, mix with water at room temperature in a vat and immerse parts until the dirt, grease or carbon deposits are completely dissolved.
3. Reaction time: 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
4. After the desired time of contact, rinse with pressurized water.

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