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Metal Crack Detector

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Metal Crack Detector

Metal Crack Detector is designed for use on all metals including Titanium, Nickel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium,
which require product to be formulated with low halogen and sulphur content (meets NDT tests of Welding Institute).

metal-crack-detectorMetal Crack Detector can be used when an undetected defect in raw material or finished component can become a dangerous fracture.

Checking for potential fatigue cracks or flaws during maintenance where parts of vehicles, cranes and other equipment are subjected to heavy stress.

Inspection of welded areas that must be free of flaws e.g. industrial heating equipment oil tanks fabricated from mild steel.

Machined surfaces or parts of equipment used for pressing operations. Aluminium die-castings can be examined for minute flaws or crack.

Next Lubricant has wide and varied products that are categorized on surface cleaner, mechanical cleaner and electrical cleaner. All of these products have been formulated for industrial cleaning that best matches with different machinery and equipment for your company.

Target Markets for Preventive Maintenance Chemicals:
1. Industrial Manufacturing Companies, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Construction
2. Food Manufacturing Corp.
3. Shipping and trucking Companies
4. Hotels and Building business administration,
5. Construction Companies
6. Industrial Service Contractors
7. Power Plants
8. Mechanical Fabrication companies
9. Resorts, Amusement Companies
10. Car Dealers, and Renta Cars Companies

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