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Cement Remover

Cement Remover is a highly effective Cement Remover and surface renovator. Its strong penetrating action removes cement from metal surfaces. Cement Remover is especially useful for renovating metal equipment, machinery, tank, metal sheet or where cement deposits must be removed.


Deep penetrating action – cement remover penetrates rapidly to cut through cement and rust without pre-cleaning.

Economical – Cement Remover highly effective formulation saves labor costs. High concentration allows for dilution up to two times with water for dip tank application.

Cement Remover Philippines


BRUSH-ON, or DIP TANK METHOD is recommended. For light cement coating  Cement Remover can be diluted up to two parts of water. Brush on surface, let soak until the cement softens then scrape to remove all residues.

FOR HEAVY CEMENT COATING, use Cement Remover in concentrated form. Repeated brushings or applications may be required for excellent results.

DIP TANK APPLICATION requires plastic or plastic lined container,  Cement Remover Philippines can be diluted with two parts of water. Dip all cement laden metals into container with  cement remover, leave it for several minutes. Remove metal parts from container and rinse clean with water.

We Supply Industrial cleaning chemicals and lubricants   for  Business industries in the Philippines such as Manufacturing Companies, Construction Companies , Hotels, Resort, Building and Mall Establishments, Semicons, Shipping, Industrial Services Contractors, and Industrial Companies.

We offer high quality cleaning, degreasing and protecting solutions that remove and reduce the toughest soil such as scale deposit, rust, carbon, acid rain, heavy crude and resin.

Next Lubricant has wide and varied products that are categorized on surface cleaner, mechanical cleaner and electrical cleaner. All of these products have been formulated for industrial cleaning that best matches with different machinery and equipment for your company.

Target Markets for Cement Remover PhilippinesPreventive Maintenance Chemicals:
1. Industrial Manufacturing Companies, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Construction
2. Food Manufacturing Corp.
3. Shipping and trucking Companies
4. Hotels and Building business administration,
5. Construction Companies
6. Industrial Service Contractors
7. Power Plants
8. Mechanical Fabrication companies
9. Resorts, Amusement Companies
10. Car Dealers, and Renta Cars Companies

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